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The Net Promoter System Podcast – Customer Experience Insights from Loyalty Leaders

Loyal customers spend more, stay longer and tell their friends about their experiences. In the Net Promoter System Podcast, Bain & Company's Rob Markey talks to business leaders who are using the management system to create experiences that keep customers coming back.

Jun 30, 2016

Creating a pilot or prototype is an essential part of designing a robust Net Promoter System. These small-scale efforts allow a company to experiment with the system's essential elements, helping the company to create an effective program it can expand to other parts of the organization. In this Net Promoter System...

Jun 23, 2016


A number rarely tells the whole story. That's why leading Net Promoter companies ask customers to discuss their experiences in their own words.  

Bain Fellow Fred Reichheld returns to the podcast to talk about the shortcomings of multiple-choice surveys, the power of verbatim feedback and some common customer service...

Jun 16, 2016

Some people have a knack for forming genuine human connections whether it's with customers, colleagues or employees. They have a gift for making people feel special. The ability to speak with authenticity and authority might come natural to some people, but it's a skill that can be learned, says Jordan Harbinger,...

Jun 9, 2016

Recreating the same customer intimacy that an individual shopkeeper can provide is possible for large organizations if they have an operational infrastructure that can foster high-quality interactions on a bigger scale. Rob Markey explains how in this Net Promoter System Podcast short.